Healey-Ramme Multi-Family Development

The proposed Healey-Ramme Burnsville Multifamily development would develop approximately 31 acres located in the northeast quadrant of Southcross Drive West and Grand Avenue in Burnsville. The land is  located at the southeast corner of I-35 and County Road 42.

The project proposes 459 multifamily residential units, consisting of two apartment sites and a townhome project. Twin Lake is partially located within the project boundary on the southeast corner of the site.  

Environmental Assessment Worksheet

Per State statute, this development requires a mandatory Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW). Copies of the draft EAW have been distributed to agencies listed on the most current Minnesota Environmental Quality Board distribution list.

Hard copies are available for review at Burnsville City Hall and the Environmental Conservation Library–Minneapolis Branch of the Hennepin County Public Library (300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis).

Click to view the Draft Environmental Assessment Worksheet (PDF) [15.1MB]