Notable Rules

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Notable Rules for Summer/Fall 2019

The following rules have been added or changed as a result of National, State or Burnsville Softball Council decisions: 1. In leagues that have the 1-up homerun rule, the HOME team CAN go 1-up in the 7th inning or beyond. All teams have the same number of home games throughout the season, making this a fair change.

2. Mixed leagues all use a snake line-up. Double header leagues use 1 HR with 1-up and NO Courtesy, Recreational Mixed leagues have NO HR and a Courtesy Foul.

Note: There are some changes to the state/national rules that don't impact local rules for 2016. The rules below were changes at the National level which impact state tournaments and qualifiers but do not impact league play.

1) Men's D Tournament Play - Any homerun hit over the fence after the limit has been reached will result in an inning ending out.

2) A team is allowed 1 pinch runner per inning

July 4 Holiday & Days before and After

 * July 4 is on a Thursday this year
 * All other days around the 4th of July are potential game days