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Civic Center Prairie Project
Civic Center July 2012 - resize small.jpg
Photo of the Civic Center Sustainability Project
(1 year and two months after planting)
This project converted approximately 70,000 square feet of turf grass west of THE GARAGE into low maintenance native prairie grasses and wildflowers in spring of 2010. The plantings eliminate the need for typical lawn maintenance such as fertilization, herbicide to kill weeds, and weekly mowing (especially on steep slopes). Since the roots of native plants grow deeply, the soil will be enhanced by storing carbon in the ground from the atmosphere, which has the dual effect of reducing greenhouse gases beyond what is saved by reduced mowing.

These changes are not only good for the environment but should also reduce maintenance costs enough that the project will pay for itself in 7 to 10 years. Other benefits of the native plants include an increase in storm water infiltration, creation of habitat for birds and insects such as butterflies, and addition of natural beauty and color as the different varieties of wildflowers bloom throughout the season. The project will be a showcase for sustainable landscape practices.

This project not only gives residents an example of the benefits of native plants, but also provides environmental and monetary benefit over time to the City of Burnsville. 

Learn how you can help bees and butterflies by using native plants on your own property at    

UPDATE:  Click here to see how this project has progressed during it's first few years.                                                                                                                      

Watch a video about the project

Sustainability Man Episode 2: Native Prairie Plants

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