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Fire Department
Practice Fire Safety With Grills and On Patios!
A barbecued burger is much better than a barbecued balcony!

Grilling Safety Tips
  • If you use a gas grill, check the gas tubing for blockage. Push any blockages through the tube to the main part of the burner with a wire brush.
  • Check hoses for cracking, brittleness, holes and leaks and replace them if necessary. If you find a leak, DO NOT attempt to light the grill until it has been repaired. 
  • Make sure hoses are far away from hot surfaces that could be exposed to heat or grease droppings. 
  • Remember, grilling is not permitted on decks or within 15 feet of most multi-housing buildings. This includes any grills that produce an open flame – (i.e. charcoal and propane). Decks and patios are just too close to buildings, and are usually littered with items that can easily catch fire. Many apartments provide an outdoor common area that is ideal, and much safer for grilling.
Careless Smoking on Decks/Patios
While the Burnsville Fire Department discourages smoking on a deck or patio, if you do, please remember the following: 
  • Dispose of smoking items appropriately, in a metal fire resistant container.
  • Store the container away from the house/deck and combustibles.
  • Do not dispose of butts or ashes in the trash.
  • Do not use a planter box for ashes or cigarette butts.
  • Remember, even if you think the cigarette is out, it probably isn’t!

Take Action in Your Community
You never know when an emergency will arise. Your actions could save a life! Although the Burnsville Fire Department is just a phone call away, it's always a good idea to be prepared and know what to do in an emergency. Take a CPR class, learn first aid, enroll in a Ccommunity Emergency Response Team (CERT) course, join the Mobile Volunteer Network and find additional ways to take action in your community. Whose life could you save?

Emergency Notifications

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