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Airport Noise
Airport Noise

Super Bowl 2018 LogoThe Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) receives and reports on aircraft noise complaints. It also provides accurate, timely and relevant information regarding how the airport operates and the realities of what can and cannot be done to reduce aircraft noise.

Super Bowl 2018
The Super Bowl is expected to draw thousands of people to the Twin Cities this year, and many of them will arrive and leave from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Increased flight activity is expected between Saturday, Jan. 27 and Tuesday, Feb. 6. Learn what you can expect in the MSP Airport Super Bowl Operations Fact Sheet.

Noise Complaints
The MAC maintains a noise complaint and information line 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week - as well as an online complaint form:

Complaint/Information Line:        612-726-9411
Online Noise Complaint Form:

Additional Resources:

Complaint Realities 
People often ask if filing noise complaints will change how the airport operates. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. The Federal Aviation Administration has sole authority over determining where aircraft will fly and how the airspace around airports is used. On a daily basis, factors such as wind and weather, the number of arrivals and departures, the time of day, construction activity and other conditions all play a part in how the airport operates. Runway use decisions are made solely upon standard air traffic control procedures (including several noise abatement procedures). Noise complaints are not considered when making these decisions.

Noise complaints are, however, used in conjunction with other data to identify possible trends. Various cities use complaint reports to gauge and assess the level of concern about aircraft noise in their communities.

Complaint Reporting 
Complaint data are summarized, mapped and reported monthly in the MAC Technical Advisor's Report.

For other questions regarding airport noise in Burnsville contact Skip Nienhaus, Economic Development Coordinator, at 952-895-4454 or submit an online request via the City's Request Tracker.

Flight Pattern Changes at MSP Noticed by Residents
In March 2016, Minneapolis International Airport (MSP) began complying with new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules related to “converging runways.” These new rules have forced MSP to change some of their historical runway procedures and flight paths. It has also resulted in some additional flights over parts of Burnsville.

The new FAA rules are meant to protect flights coming and going from runways that do not physically intersect on the ground – but could intersect within one mile from the runway’s end. Following the new guidelines, MSP needed to rework take-offs and arrivals for several of its runways. While these adjustments provide the required separation, they have greatly increased complexity in the airspace. Some runways are now seeing more traffic than before – while others are seeing less.

Upcoming Changes
In January 2017, the FAA announced several changes to runway operations at the MSP airport that are expected to reduce flight noise over Burnsville. It may take a few months for the changes to be fully implemented, but community members may begin to notice a difference soon. Read more in this article from Burnsville Patch.

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