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Request EMS Report
Request an EMS Report

You can request an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) report or health record by completing a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy Authorization Form. Please note, receiving these records requires a notarized signature.

Once the above form is completed, use the link below to make your request:
  • Step 1:  Click Here to Access Online Data Request
  • Step 2:  Select "Submit a Data Records Request"
  • Step 3:  Select "Fire/Emergency Medical Services Requests"
  • Step 4:  Select Either "Fire Request" or "Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Request
  • Step 5:  Choose to Create an Account OR Submit Anonymously
  • Step 6:  Follow form instructions and upload notarized "HIPAA Privacy Authorization Form" 

Please contact Fire Department Administration with questions via email or at 952-895-4570. Click here to view the Burnsville Fire Department Notice of Privacy Practices.

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