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2014 Officer of the Year
Jameson M. Ritter
For more than eight years, Officer Jameson M. Ritter has demonstrated excellence through his assignments as a Burnsville Community Service Officer, Patrol Officer, Emergency Action Group (EAG) Tactical Team member and Dakota County Drug Task Force agent.

His proven track record for exceptional service, the high respect he commands from his peers and his dedication to the City of Burnsville have helped Ritter stand out as Burnsville’s 2014 Officer of the Year.

Whether patrolling the streets, responding to emergency calls or providing tactical training, Ritter maintains constant, professional interaction with members of the community and the department. Through his many years of service, Ritter has developed strong partnerships with residents, businesses and others, solidified by treating people with respect, honesty, integrity and dignity.

Throughout 2014, Ritter served as the Burnsville Police Department’s agent on the Dakota County Drug Task Force. Here, he “hit his stride” as a narcotics investigator.

Fellow agents have described Ritter as a “consummate team player” who is always willing to take time from his investigations to help his partners. Ritter has also instructed fellow agents on tactical operations – being assigned as a field training officer for new drug task force agents, and providing a courageous calm during drug raids.

A recent example of his success involved the sale of illicit steroids by an area chiropractor. During a heroin investigation, Ritter discovered that the chiropractor’s father was in possession of a large quantity of anabolic steroids. As a result of his work on the case, multiple cars and a firearm were seized - and a federal case against the suspect is pending. Officer Ritter’s efforts have resulted in a significant “dent” being made in the Twin Cities illicit steroid market, and have exposed and suspended the chiropractor who may have been using his practice to sell the drug.

Even while working large-scale investigations, Ritter remained dedicated to fighting drug crime and improving quality of life issues in Burnsville. In 2014, he led the execution 32 drug-related search warrants - 22 of them in Burnsville. As a result, officers seized more than $130,000 in cash and $40,000 worth of property earned from the sale of narcotics.

Also included in these warrants was the seizure of 20 firearms. Notably, five of those firearms were seized in a search warrant involving a marijuana operation. Based on reports of suspicious activity from residents, Ritter began a diligent investigation that included digging through several loads of neighborhood garbage, and obtaining evidence that indicated marijuana being sold in a home. A search warrant was issued, resulting in the location of a loaded assault rifle and marijuana being grown inside the suspect’s bedroom. Several other loaded and uncased firearms were located throughout the house, which had been accessible to young children living in the home.

As a member of the department’s EAG Tactical Team, Ritter was selected in 2014 as the lead trainer/organizer for the annual South Metro Tactical Team (SMTT) conference in Camp Dodge, Iowa. There, Ritter instructed and developed scenarios on counter ambush strategies, dignitary protection, hostage rescue, slow search techniques and criminal tracking. This training was presented to six tactical teams – a total of 120 SWAT operators, team leaders, command staff, instructors and role players – and was cited by participants as some of the most realistic and dynamic training the SMTT had ever seen.

Throughout the years, Ritter has also instructed various community groups on topics such as bomb threat response, workplace violence and prescription pill abuse.

Ritter’s devotion to law enforcement and the community he serves truly keep well with the Burnsville Police Department’s high standards and core values of Honor, Integrity, Courage, Excellence and Knowledge. For these reasons, the department is proud to announce Officer Jameson M. Ritter as Burnsville’s 2014 Police Officer of the Year.

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