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Non-Profit Open House
Need ideas? Inspiration? Someone to do the work? Reasons how video can benefit your organization
BCTV can help!

Come to the BCTV Non-Profit Open House 

Video is an important part of your organization's messaging strategy, and BCTV is here to help you meet short-term and long-term goals through free video training, equipment/facilities and paid production services.

Non-Profit Open House
Tuesday, Oct. 30
3 - 7 p.m.
BCTV Studio, Room C214 (second floor)
                  Burnsville High School, 600 E. Hwy 13
Cost: FREE

Welcome Station
Start the experience here. Talk to BCTV staff about your organization, your messaging challenges and what you'd like to accomplish. BCTV will help you navigate your thoughts and ideas, provide you a map and recommend what stations to visit.

Concept, Pre-production and Script Writing Station
Got ideas? Not sure where to start? Start with a plan. BCTV staff will walk you through the pre-production process specific to your needs. Here you will create the foundation to move from idea to finished product.  Not sure what you want? BCTV staff can help you focus your message.

Studio Production Stations
See the equipment and facilities available for your use - free-of-charge! Tour the control room, cameras, sets and set storage. BCTV staff will answer questions and help you determine if using the studio is the best way to spread your organization's messages.

Portable Equipment
Need to be out in the "real world" to capture your message? Stop at this station and learn about equipment available for check out - for free! Get hands-on with cameras, lights, microphones and more. BCTV staff showcases a variety of items available for reservation.

Non-Linear Editing and Motion Software
Your organization can have access to Final Cut X and Motion software to give your message the zing, bling and professionalism it deserves. BCTV staff will show you sample projects and encourage you to play around with the software to see how easy it is to use.

Incorporating graphics into your videos will help your organization's message stand out. At this station, BCTV staff will answer questions and offer solutions for using graphics to create and maintain your non-profit's brand.

Getting Your Video Message Out
You now know how to create a video, what's next? BCTV can guide you through the different methods to get your video out to the public. Whether over cable television, in presentations, on social media or as part of a grant proposal.

Paid Production Services
Does this seem overwhelming? Don't think you'll have the time to create your own videos? BCTV also provides paid production services for non-profit organizations. They can create a video or series of videos for your organization at a budget-friendly price. 

With questions regarding the Non-Profit Open House or video production with BCTV contact Tina LeGarde at 952-641-1354.

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