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2001 Officer of the Year
Gregg Enos
Distinguished as Burnsville’s 2001 Officer of the Year, Officer Gregg Enos is noted for his diligent work above and beyond his responsibilities as a Police Officer.

About Officer Enos
Officer Enos has been a valued member of the Burnsville Police Department since 1993 and has served in the capacity of Patrol Officer, DARE Officer, Emergency Action Group – Tactical Team Member, and Youth Relations Officer. He has demonstrated a consistent, tenacious work ethic that is second to none. Whether aggressively patrolling the streets of Burnsville, or responding to a fight at the senior high school campus, Officer Enos is a consummate professional who resolves the issue at hand and looks for the long-term solution to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

New Youth Relations Officer
However, it is not Officer Enos’ accomplishments in years past that make him a viable candidate for recognition, it is his outstanding performance for the year 2001. As one of two new Youth Relations Officers at the senior high school, Gregg had to learn the duties of his new assignment quickly. The 2000-01 school year was a record setter with over 350 calls for service, including everything from smoking marijuana in the classroom to a sexual assault that occurred on campus.

Instructing DARE Classes

In addition to his new assignment, Officer Enos began the school year by instructing all the DARE classes at the elementary schools because his replacement for the DARE Officer position was still in training. Officer Enos took on the added responsibility without hesitation, wanting to ensure a successful beginning to the DARE Program.

Problems at the High School
As the school year progressed, Officer Enos identified two problems at the high school that needed attention. Gregg noticed that there was a great deal of on-campus smoking as well as a considerable amount of inappropriate behavior – numerous fights, swearing in the hallways, swearing at teachers, and aggressive outbursts in the classrooms. This disorderly behavior seemed to occur on a regular basis, with little or no consequences. Officer Enos was determined to bring calmness to the school and rid the grounds of the blatant use of tobacco by minors.

Tobacco Issue

Officer Enos addressed the tobacco issue through education and enforcement. He worked very closely with school staff to establish a consistent policy in regard to tobacco infractions. As Officer Enos would issue a summons, the school would follow-up by suspending the violator and sending them through a mandatory training session on the harmful affects of tobacco use.

Disorderly Conduct Issue
Taking a similar approach, Officer Enos dealt with the disorderly conduct that was occurring on school grounds. When the students engaged in aggressive behavior, he would bring the offenders to the office for administrative sanctions as well as issue them a summons. Through Officer Enos’ perseverance, the students learned that any aggressive behavior would be dealt with swiftly and severely. This created a calmer environment that was more conducive to learning.

School Activities

Officer Enos also participated in the following school activities for the year – guest speaker at all 10th grade health classes, speaking on drugs, alcohol and violence; facilitated the “Mock Car Crash” demonstration; served as Bailiff in the Peer Court Program; served as liaison between the courts and school staff; scheduled overtime coverage for all school events; and planned the “Active Shooter Training” to be conducted in January 2002.

Major Cases at the High School
Several major cases occurred at the senior high school throughout the year involving Officer Enos. Most of the cases were very time consuming, due to the dynamics of working within the school system and the challenges the juvenile court system can present. Here are a few examples:
  • Officer Enos responded to the report of a male student hiding in one of the women’s restrooms. Before he arrived, the suspect fled the scene. Officer Enos located him in front of the school, standing next to the flagpole. As he approached, Gregg saw that the suspect was holding a knife. With verbal commands unsuccessful, the situation became more complex when the school’s lunch hour began, sending countless students out the front of the building and into the danger zone. Recognizing this eminent danger, Officer Enos took decisive action by dispensing his chemical agent at the subject to physically disarm the man of his knife. Neither the suspect nor Officer Enos were injured. The assailant later admitted that he planned to sexually assault a female student in the restroom.
  • While in the parking lot at the senior high school, Officer Enos observed two suspicious males. As he approached them, the subjects started to flee. Officer Enos chased the suspects on foot, while radioing for assistance. He caught one of the suspects himself, while assisting officers rounded up the second suspect. It was discovered that several vehicles had been broken into. Both suspects were charged.
  • Officer Enos investigated the report of a sexual assault that had occurred on school grounds. The male suspect grabbed the victim while she was in a stairwell, forced her to a secluded area, and sexually assaulted her. Officer Enos interviewed the victim and a campus supervisor who saw the suspect walking the victim through the building. As a result of Officer Enos’ investigation, the suspect was charged with sexual assault and expelled from school.

SIDS Golf Tournament
On a personal level, Gregg has coordinated the Burnsville Police Department SIDS Golf Tournament for the past seven years. During that time he has raised over $43,000 for the Minneapolis Children’s SIDS Center, with the funds earmarked for research, support groups, training for EMS personnel, and funeral costs for low-income families. Gregg and his family started the SIDS fundraiser in loving memory of their daughter Kristina.

Emergency Fostor Parents
During the year, Greg and his wife also serve as emergency foster parents for the Scott County Crisis Nursery, taking children into their home who are in need of temporary emergency care. Gregg is also a volunteer coach for his son’s Burnsville Mite hockey team.

Devoted to the Community
Officer Enos’ devotion to law enforcement and the community he serves are well in keeping with the highest standards of this department. His tenacious work ethic and willingness to get involved have been a tremendous influence on those he works with.

Congratulations to Gregg Enos, Burnsville's 2001 Officer of the Year!

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