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2005 Officer of the Year
Steve Stoler
A valued member of the Burnsville Police Department since 1999, Officer Steven M. Stoler has served in the capacity as a Community Service Officer, Patrol Officer, and Emergency Action Group Tactical Team Member. Over the past seven years, Officer Stoler has demonstrated a consistent, tenacious work ethic that is second to none and is an obvious standout for his relentless pursuit of the “bad guy”.

About Officer Stoler
Distinguished as Burnsville’s 2005 Officer of the Year, Officer Stoler is noted for his diligent work above and beyond his responsibilities as a Police Officer. Whether aggressively patrolling the streets of Burnsville, or responding to a high-risk tactical team callout, Officer Stoler is a consummate professional who resolves the issue at hand. His strong work ethic, positive attitude, and leadership skills are displayed daily in his position as a Patrol Officer, and his honesty and integrity is above reproach.

Simply speaking, Officer Stoler loves his job and as a result he is very pro-active on the street. Through his self-initiated contacts, Steve leads the Patrol Division in moving citations, and is in the top six for DUI arrests. Even more astonishing are the statistics for his activity while working dog watch. In 2005, Officer Stoler handled 327 offense incidents, made 297 arrests (119 of those were drug arrests), and was assigned as the first-responding unit for 1,599 calls for service. This high level of performance has been consistently noted throughout the year on Watch Commanders Logs with the following comments documented by Patrol Sergeants:

Quotes About Officer Stoler
“Awesome job by Stoler.” “Stoler observes in plain sight numerous Meth pipes, drugs and other paraphernalia.” “Great proactive work by Stoler.” “Stoler makes three car stops tonight…drugs, DWI, and more drugs.” “Stoler locates tracks in snow and finds the suspect.” “Stoler finds a loaded handgun with round in chamber.” “Stoler clears the call with two arrests for Meth, prescription drug violations, etc.” “Awesome work by Stoler once again.” “Stoler finds suicidal female with large knife and is able to talk her into putting knife down.” “Suspect flees but is caught by Stoler.” “Stoler finds the making of a Meth lab.” “Awesome work by Stoler with his proactive work in checking closed businesses.” “An incredible job by Stoler under very stressful circumstances!” “For the third night in a row Stoler is involved in another significant drug bust!”

Community Building Efforts
Equally impressive is Officer Stoler’s community-building efforts. Steve always makes time to meet with the residents in the neighborhoods that he serves and actively works with hotels/motels on quality-of-life issues. Through his constant interaction within the community, Officer Stoler develops strong partnerships that are solidified by treating people with respect and dignity. As an example, during an active stabbing investigation, the victim’s step-father unexpectedly arrived on scene and aggressively approached the suspects. With emotions running high, Officer Stoler immediately gained control of the step-father, safely removing him from the scene and calmly explaining police procedures. By the end of the incident, the step-father was appreciative of Steve’s involvement and composure.

Tactical Team Member
As a Tactical Team Member, Officer Stoler is able to utilize his specialized training, knowledge and expertise not only in high-risk Emergency Action Group callouts but also during the “normal” course of business.

Most notable was an incident on April 11, 2005, involving the report of an out of control 17-year-old male who had a large knife and was threatening to kill himself. The mother advised her son had barricaded himself in his bedroom, was talking to God, and had repeatedly stabbed at the bedroom door causing the knife blade to actually puncture through the wood door. While setting up a position in the home, the unstable and unpredictable juvenile suddenly exited the bedroom with the 12-inch knife in his hand and confronted Officer Stoler. Verbal commands were given to the subject to drop the knife, and the orders were continuously repeated over the next several minutes. Eventually, the distraught male complied and was secured without further incident. Deadly force was a distinct possibility in this situation, yet Officer Stoler’s sound judgment, self control, and outstanding tactics clearly resulted in saving the young man’s life. As a result of this incident and successful resolution, Officer Stoler was awarded a Distinguished Service Commendation.

Great Devotion to the Community
Officer Stoler’s devotion to law enforcement and the community he serves are well in keeping with the highest standards of this department. His tenacious work ethic and willingness to get involved have been a tremendous influence on those he works with. Congratulations, Steve, with your designation as Burnsville Police Department’s 2005 Officer of the Year.

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