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Storm Water Management

Storm Water Management

Burnsville has a well-developed storm sewer system designed to manage storm water runoff.  This system helps prevent flooding and other problems but can also contribute to water pollution.  This video outlines how the storm sewer system works, how it relates to water pollution and what residents can do to keep local lakes and ponds healthy. 

For more tips on how you can help reduce water pollution in your neighborhood, visit the water resources page.  The rain garden and storm drain stenciling sections also have great information on how you can help.  

Water pouring into a storm drain Involvement in Federal Water Quality Programs
To improve water quality throughout the country, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) established a storm water management program called the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) to guide local governments. This program focuses on reducing urban pollutants. For more information on Burnsville's stormwater management objectives through the NPDES program, click here

Be a Water Quality Watchdog
Residents should report any potential water quality issue immediately.  Some issues that you may come across include signs of illegal dumping in storm drains or construction sites that have failing erosion control practices.   

What's an illicit discharge?

An illicit discharge is any illegal dumping into the storm drain or local waterbody.  Another type of illicit discharge is an illegal pipe connection to the storm drain system.  To report illicit or illegal discharges into public waters and/or the City of Burnsville’s storm drains/storm sewer system, call Public Works at 952-895-4550 or fill out an online request.  For more information on illicit discharges, read the following article: What is an illicit discharge?.  

How to report erosion or construction site issues. 
To report erosion from construction sites or other sedimentation concerns, call or email Walter Ehresmann at 952-895-4463. For more information on how construction sites should manage erosion issues, please read this article. The Pollution Control Agency website also provides additional information about erosion control on construction sites.  

How to report illegal concrete washouts at construction sites
Have you seen a cement truck from a construction site rinse off in a non-specified area after unloading its concrete?  Concrete trucks are required to use a designated washout area which will be properly signed and protected by an impermeable barrier.  Pollution from concrete washouts can contaminate surface and ground water resources.  Read this article to learn more about the concrete washout requirements at construction sites.  To report a suspected illegal concrete washout, call or email Walter Ehresmann at 952-895-4463

Comments or Questions

To provide comments or ask questions on the City of Burnsville’s Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program (SWPPP), contact Ryan Peterson at 952-895-4459.

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