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Tree, Shrub and Plant Sale
Tree2014 Tree, Native Shrub and Plant Sale

Date:  Saturday, April 26, 2014
Time:   7:30 - 10:30 a.m. (or until all trees, shrubs and plants are sold)
Location:   75 Civic Center Parkway (across from City Hall)

Download a Flyer
Sale is for Burnsville residents only (identification will be checked). Items sold carry no guarantee.

Bare Root Trees - Prices range from $20-35.  Max of 2 trees per household.  
Click here to view tree sale poster with a photo of each tree species.
Click here to view descriptions of each tree species.

Bare Root Native Shrubs -
Bundle of 5 for $5.  Max of 30 shrubs per household.
Click here to view descriptions of each shrub species.

Native Wildflowers, Ferns and Grasses -
$2 each or 3 for $5. Max of 54 plants per household.  
Click here to view descriptions of each plant species.

Tree, Shrub and Plant Sale Tips:

  • Prepare planting sites before attending the sale. Call Gopher State One-Call (651-454-0002) to have utilities marked before digging. 
  • Learn how to plant bare root shrubs and tree seedlings by visiting this link.  
  • Arrive early for the best selection. 
  • Try to determine what trees, shrubs and plants you want before the sale.
  • Don’t plan on using a credit card. Only cash or checks are accepted at the sale. 
  • Wait until the weather warms to plant small plants. Plan to plant bare root trees and shrubs immediately. 
  • Protect trees, shrubs and plants against damage from deer and rodents until they are well established. Consider placing protection around them for the first few years. 
  • Permits are required for planting within the boulevard/right-of-way.


Boulevard Trees Require Permit for Planting

Trees planted within the boulevard/right-of-way on your property (15 feet in from the curb) require a City permit prior to planting. Boulevard tree permits are free and help the City keep track of the City’s boulevard tree population in the wake of the present Emerald Ash Borer threat. A permit is also required for property owners wishing to remove a tree in boulevard/right-of-way. Residents are also reminded to make sure that any contractors hired to perform tree work have been licensed by the City. A list of Burnsville’s licensed tree contractors can be obtained by contacting the city forester. 

When considering planting locations within a boulevard area, make sure your tree or shrub WILL NOT:

  • Obstruct the sightlines of pedestrians or vehicles entering an intersection
  • Obstruct passage over sidewalks   
  • Block road signs

For more information on requirements, licensed contractors or to obtain a permit application contact Dave Grommesch, Superintendent of Forestry at 952-895-4508 or .  

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